We offer real help for depression, bipolar, anxiety, chemical dependency, and other mental health concerns. We provide personal treatment plans tailored to each individual's needs and can address a variety of life skills in the areas of problem solving, medication management, home and community safety, social skills, activities of daily living, vocational and leisure interests, stress management and more.

Professional Rehabilitation Consultants is a Medicare certified outpatient rehabilitation agency that specializes in providing individualized occupational therapy to those who struggle with their mental health.  We provide a structured setting for improvement of the physical, cognitive, and emotional functioning of our clients, and help to increase independence through hands-on functional activity.  We are dedicated to the development and implementation of creative, innovative, and effective approaches in all areas of person-centered treatment.





1394 Jackson St St. Paul, MN 55117 Suite 201


Phone:  (651) 603-8774

Fax:  (651) 603-9009

E-Mail: prc@prcmn.com

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Conveniently located in St Paul off 35E